Kabbalah-Dating is the part of the Kabbalah-Relating program that focuses on dating. This complex activity involves knowing whether a partner is suitable for a long-term commitment as well as knowing yourself, and whether you are suitable for your soulmate as well. Kabbalah-Dating uses ancient wisdom to help you:

  • Evaluate a partner and progress towards a realistic, long-term commitment

  • Improve all of your relationships

  • Understand breakups

  • Discover fulfillment on your own

Managing the spiritual energies in your Tree of Life Sephirot (spheres) makes you more attractive.


Discover techniques for dating, relating, and personal success. Check out our programs at kabbalah-relating, and kabbalah-dieting, too. The Kabbalah-Dating Workbook  provides the foundation for all of the programs. Order it for $15.